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  • Car detailer with bottle of November
  • Car detailer with bottle of November

Car Detailing

DETAILING is the pursuit of the perfection of detail. The term specifically indicates that set of washing, polishing and protection techniques performed minutely, both for the exterior and the interior of the car, using tools and products that are not used in normal car wash.
Being CHEMICAL SYNT born in the years 1970 with a passion for car cleaning, wanted to develop a new specific line for the professionals of the car detailing.
Our line of car detailing was born for our passion for the maintenance and cleaning of cars and was developed thanks to the collaboration with prestigious professionals of the car detailing with whom they were studied, elaborated, developed, tested and created new products, aimed at achieving an extreme quality, the result of the competence of our laboratory but especially of the professional who every day is to use the products to face challenges always different and challenging.


Our treatments

  • Interior treatment

    Take care of the interior of the car is essential to create a comfortable, clean and healthy environment. Cleaning requires several products to be used on different materials such as glass, vinyl, rubbers, textiles, plastics, leather. In addition to the accurate cleaning of the parts it is essential to achieve high levels of protection of parts. An important aspect besides, to the cleaning, is to make the parts sanitized and perfectly free from any contamination.

  • External treatment

    The car is constantly subjected to atmospheric agents and pollution, and so it is essential to protect it.  High is the importance of how to treat surfaces, perform a good cleaning and decontamination treatment to remove any impurity on the surface in order to prepare them for protective treatments as waxes, sealants, nanotechnologies.  It is really important the maximum reliability of the products for the maintenance.

Cutting-edge Technology

To Study more and more advanced products for the needs of car detailing means to know the physical chemistry of the surfaces, both inside and above all outside the car. The fundamental parameter, when studying surfaces, is their energy: the lower the more it will be difficult to have interactions with liquids or other solid substances. Creating a low energy coating is like extracting this surface from the normal environment and transferring it to a glass bell where no substance can reach it. If for you your car is a valuable asset and you want to keep it in a glass bell while using it, touching it you have to resort to a good detailing, better if with qualified products like the line GOLDETAILING.

To have these results is needed to have a great experience on how to treat the surfaces; perform a good decontaminating treatment, any impurity on the surface can create high energy zones, we must be sure to eliminate them so that the final treatments such as sealants or waxes ensure a film with the highest low energy.

What does low energy surface mean: Create a hydrophobic surface that will repel water, but also a surface with minimal adherent properties on dirt and other pollutants, have a surface that with delicate washings will be back to its initial conditions.

“God made the bulk; the surface was invented by the devil.”

Wolfgang Pauli