Paint sealant

FOXTROT is a sealant designed to protect your vehicle’s painted surfaces from contaminants, road dirt and smog. Thanks to its advanced formula seals and forms a highly hydrophobic barrier all the while delivering a brilliant shine and silk effect on surfaces. Foxtrot offers an incredible simplicity of use and provides up to 6 months of lasting beauty and protection. This unique formula has been studied in our laboratory and proven by several professional detailers. For the best result wash and decontaminate the surface before. Apply with a cloth or pad in clean and dry microfiber. Spread on small areas (40 to 40cm) with straight movements and wait a few seconds before removing with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not apply Foxtrot on warm surfaces and directly under the sun.

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70250 flacon 250 ml 6