Pre-Wash active snow foam

BRAVO is a highly concentrated alkaline based snow pre-wash and safe for all car exteriors Effectively removes bug splats and road grime and leaves surfaces clean, bright, shiny and streak free finish. IT creates thick foam that will cling to the vehicle with an extended dwelling time. Preserve previously-applied wax, coatings or sealant layers. It is designed for use with either a foam gun or a pressure washer foam lance. It is pleasantly scented Use on a cold surface and not directly exposed to sunlight. Apply the product starting from the bottom. For rims, tires, under-wheel dilute 1:5 / as pre-wash 1:50. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70302 bottle 500 ml 6
70832 tank 5 kg 2