Interior detailer All in one

GOLF is a universal probiotic cleaner for all surfaces of interiors. Safe for even the most delicate parts, it can be used on all surfaces, with a superior cleaning power and an exceptional finish. With its unique technology it cleans and removes bad smells and leaves surfaces smelling clean and fresh. Sanitizes and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.
Directions: Spray directly on the surface or on the microfibre towel and clean, do not let the product dry.
Dilution ratios: From concentrated to diluted
Concentrated: extreme soiling
1: 5 heavy soiling
1:10 moderate soiling
1:15 Regular use
1:20 Maintenance and sanitation

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70150 bottle 500 ml 6
70853 tank 5 kg 2