Iron decontaminator

INDIA is the perfect solution to remove ferrous metal iron contamination from your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Due to its special formula the product changes colour when it starts to act on the dirt. It can be used on paints, wheels, plastics and glass in total safety . It is essential for the chemical decontamination on rims and bodywork.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Spray the product on cold and dry surfaces After careful prewashing. The product begins acting on the dirt when foam changes colour becoming red. Allow it to act for a few minutes (3-5). Wash off with a strong water jet. Follow up with a thorough wash and proceed with other detailing steps such as clay, polish, wax or sealant. Use on a cold surface and not directly exposed to sunlight.

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70546 bottle 500 ml 6
70872 tank 5 kg 2