Polyfunctional concentrated detergent

MIKE is a professional concentrated alkaline detergent, formulated to permit the solution of a wide range of problems such as grease and heavy dirt, both of animal and vegetable origin. Excellent on surfaces such as alloy wheels, engine and undercarriage but also recommended for cleaning and removal of stubborn dirt from textiles.It is also effective and versatile for cleaning tarpaulins, plastic laminates, stainless steel and all washable surfaces. Easy and quick to rinse off. Mike is a highly concentrated powerful cleaner that can be diluted to meet the requirements for specific jobs.

Recommended dilutions: Pre-wash 1:5 – 1:30 depending on dirt intensity. Engines, transmission components, under-bodies and rims: 1: 1/1: 5. Vinyl and plastics 1: 15/1: 20. Stubborn stains on textiles 1:10 (Always test a small area first to ensure satisfactory results). Apply on dry surfaces and not directly exposed to sunlight. Rinse throughly before the product can dry on the treated parts.

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70925 bottle 500 ml 6
70933 tank 5000 ml 2