Nanoceramic Wax Si02

WHISKEY is the best protection that you can apply to your vehicle. It is a super Hydrophobic water-based formula that contains silica nanoparticles that create a hard-coat protective barrier that lasts for months. Safe on all exterior solid surfaces including clear coat, paint, fiberglass, plastic, glass and metal. Best advantages are: extreme gloss, shine and durability, advanced protection

For best results wash and decontaminate the surface before. Apply with a cloth or pad in clean and dry microfiber. Spread on small areas (40 to 40cm) with straight movements and wait a few seconds before removing with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not apply Whiskey on warm surfaces and directly under the sun. Leave standing without touching for at least 1 hour.

Art. Pack ml/kg Pcs
70246 continuous spray bottle 250 ml 6